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ALT Newsletters

The ALT newsletter, ALT-N, is published quarterly in January, April, July and October, and is distributed to members as part of their subscription.

Online newsletter

ISSN: 1748-3603

Read the online newsletter which has longer versions of all the articles in the printed newsletter.

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ISSN: 1479-2222 (print version)

ALT Update 6 (October 2010) pdf file (0.50MB)
ALT Update 5 (January 2010) pdf file (0.47MB)
ALT Update 4 (January 2010) pdf file (0.63MB)
ALT Update 3 (January 2010) pdf file (1.58MB)
ALT Update 2 (October 2009) pdf file (0.67MB)
ALT Update 1 (July 2009) pdf file (0.53MB)
ALT-N 65 (April 2009) pdf file (0.46MB)
ALT-N 64 (January 2009) pdf file (0.56MB)
ALT-N 63 (October 2008) pdf file (0.87MB)
ALT-N 62 (July 2008) pdf file (1.07MB)
ALT-N 61 (May 2008) pdf file (0.47MB)
ALT-N 60 (January 2008) pdf file (0.54MB)
ALT-N 59 (October 2007) pdf file (0.41MB)
ALT-N 58 (July 2007) pdf file (0.49MB)
ALT-N 57 (April 2007) pdf file (0.51MB)
ALT-N 56 (January 2007) pdf file (0.56MB)
ALT-N 55 (October 2006) pdf file (0.85MB)
ALT-N 54 (July 2006) pdf file (0.64MB)
ALT-N 53 (May 2006) pdf file (1.02MB)
ALT-N 52 (February 2006) pdf file (0.87MB)
ALT-N 51 (October 2005) pdf file (1.26MB)
ALT-N 50 (July 2005) pdf file (0.66MB)
ALT-N 49 (April 2005) pdf file (0.27MB)
ALT-N 48 (January 2005) pdf file (0.35MB)

Editorial Team

Editor: Morag Munro, Dublin City University.
Deputy Editors: Kevin Donovan; Graham McElearney, Sheffield University; Julie Voce, Imperial College London.
Production Editor: Louise Ryan, ALT.


We welcome articles, comment, reviews, project news and advertising enquiries from the learning technology community.
Please read the ALT-N Submission Guidelines [28 kB PDF version] before submitting. Submission deadlines are normally one month before publication (e.g. 15 June for the July issue).

Contact the Editor for more information: Morag Munro

Mailing inserts

We can include your flyers with our quarterly newsletter mailing. Size: single-sheet A4 or two-sheet A5.
Sponsoring members are entitled to include one flyer per year in our newsletter mailings as part of their membership package.
Organisational members can request an insert at a cost of £200.
For non-members the charge is £400 (no VAT).
Contact to book an insert in the next mailing or to request a sponsoring membership pack.