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Latest News

ALT-C 2007

7 September 2006. ALT-C 2007 details announced.

ALT-C 2006

7 September 2005. ALT-C 2006 details announced.

Booking deadline now passed

22 August 2004. The deadline for bookings was mid-night GMT on 21 August 2004. We are no longer taking bookings for ALT-C 2004. In case of difficulty please call us during UK working hours on +44 (0)1865 484125 or fax us on +44 (0)1865 484165.

Joe Homan Charity

6 August 2004. ALT will make another donation to the Joe Homan Charity after ALT-C 2004. Here is how the donation from ALT-C 2003 is being used to help two young people with their education.


3 August 2004. The full conference timetable is now available online.

28 July 2004. Details now available of pre- and post-conference workshops.

On-line registration

27 May 2004. On-line registration by credit card / debit card, or purchase order number is now available.

21 May 2004. On-line registration by purchase order number is now available. Registration by credit card will be available shortly.

10 May 2004. All submitters are due to receive feedback on their Research Papers and Abstracts during week beginning 10 May. Feedback will be by a combination of direct contact from the Research Proceedings Editor or the Abstracts Editor, and auto-generated emails from the Paper Submission and Reviewing System.

Invited speakers confirmed

20 April 2004. Here is a list of the invited speakers who will address participants on the final day of the conference, in parallel 'theme' sessions:

  • Technical focus (technical infrastructures / new technologies for learning) - Sarah Porter, JISC;
  • Pedagogy focus (social implications of the new forms of communication / tools and strategies for effective use of technologies) - Angela McFarlane, University of Bristol;
  • Organisational focus (strategy and management / knowledge management, standards and semantics;) - Rob Koper, Open University of the Netherlands;
  • Research focus (evidence-based research and evaluation) - Cathy Gunn, University of Auckland, New Zealand;
  • Accessibility and inclusion - Michelle Selinger, CISCO Systems.

Refereeing of Research Papers end reviewing of Abstracts now underway

10 March 2004. The ALT-C Paper Submission System is now ready for refereeing of Research Paper and reviewing of Abstracts.

Full guidance on all categories of paper now available

20 February 2004. There is now extensive guidance about research papers, short papers, symposia, workshops, demonstrations and posters for ALT-C 2004 in the papers section of this site, as well as details of the ALT-C 2004 Outstanding Research Paper Awards.

Opt-in mailing list now available

20 February 2004. From here you can join a low volume mailing list through which ALT will notify you of major changes to the site, and impending deadlines for things like submitting papers, and for registering for the conference. Join by entering your name and email address below, and by pressing the "Join" button. To confirm your identity and prevent third parties from subscribing you to a list against your will, an e-mail message with a confirmation code will be sent to the address you specify.

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Major anchor sponsors announced

5 January 2004. 10 organisations are major anchor sponsors for ALT-C 2004, including DfES, WebCT, and Intel. More organisations are expected to agree to be sponsors during spring and early summer 2004. Find out how to become a sponsor.

Submission deadlines

1 December 2003.

  • Research papers - Friday 5 March 2004.
  • Other streams - Friday 26 March 2004.

Submission details will be published at this URL in January 2004. In the meantime, you may contact us by email.

3 keynote speakers confirmed

1 November 2003. Keynote speakers at ALT-C 2004 will be:

  • Vijay Kumar - Assistant Provost for Educational Technology, and Director of Academic Computing, Massachusetts Institute of Technology;
  • Wendy Hall - Professor of Computer Science, University of Southampton, and President elect of the British Computer Society;
  • Ron Oliver - Foundation Professor of Interactive Multimedia at Edith Cowan University, Western Australia.

Review keynote speakers' biographies.




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