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Research Proceedings

To order a copy of the Research Proceedings from ALT-C 2006, please use our Publications order form - price £15.

Download a lower resolution version of the Research Proceedings [~2.8 Mb PDF].

Abstracts Handbook

Copies of the ALT-C 2006 Abstracts Handbook can also be obtained from the order form - price £10.

Guidelines for Presenters at ALT-C 2006

Guidelines for Presenters - [56kB PDF].

Guidelines for session Chairs at ALT-C 2006

Guidelines for session Chairs - 01/08/2006 [~19kB PDF].

Categories of submissions for ALT-C 2006

We welcome three types of submission:

  • Research papers for publication in the peer-reviewed Proceedings of ALT-C 2006 (allocated an ISBN) - up to 5000 words;
  • Abstracts of short papers, demonstrations and posters - up to 300 words;
  • Abstracts for symposia and workshops - up to 500 words.

Information for submitters

  • The closing date for submitting Research Papers is Tuesday 21 February 2006.
  • The closing date for submitting Abstracts of short papers, symposia, workshops, demonstrations and posters is Tuesday 28 February 2006.

All primary contacts will be informed of their proposal status by mid May 2006.

ALT-C 2006 conference themes

ALT-C 2006 will feature four themes, capturing the main strands of development current in the field.

  • Next generation learning:

    focusing on innovative learning designs and the rapid development of tools for peer-to-peer sharing of the learning experience, on a global scale. Contributions examining the implications for formal or informal education of wikis, blogs and other collaborative practices that challenge prior conceptions of e-learning are encouraged. Learning objects and learning designs are emerging; how great is the uptake and how is learning changing?

  • Next generation learners:

    contributions that focus on the nature of the learner, the staff and learner skills that are needed to thrive in digital learning (e-literacy and e-fluency), and the challenges for providers in finding ways of supporting these.

  • Next generation technology:

    examining the latest developments in services, hardware, and in commercial and open source software. In this theme we wish to encourage and develop a debate between commercial suppliers and the OS community.

  • Next generation providers:

    contributions that illustrate and analyse the added value of e-learning in a variety of learning and teaching contexts and how those providing it are changing. Is e-learning making provision more effective and more efficient? Learning communities are everywhere on the Internet; can the e-learning we provide exploit the potential, or merely struggle to keep up?

Process for submitting research papers for refereeing and abstracts to be reviewed

We published the guidelines for all submission types, including details of the Outstanding Research Paper Award on 9 December 2005.

Except by specific arrangement with Rhonda Riachi, the Director of ALT, research papers and abstracts should have been submitted to us using our web-based paper-submission system. For further information, please email Rhonda Riachi, or call +44 (0)1865 484143.




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