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Pre-conference and Post-conference Workshops

Pre conference workshops will be held on Monday, 3 September 2007 and post conference workshops will be held on Thursday, 7 September 2007; start time 1400. Pre/post conference workshops are open to all, with ALT-C delegates being given priority of attendance.

Pre conference workshops
Post conference workshops
Presenting a pre/post conference workshop

Pre conference workshops

Introduction to ePortfolio with PebblePad

During this half day workshop delegates will be guided through the features of the PebblePad ePortfolio system, creating items in their own personal ePortfolio space. Attendees will be provided with a free 12 month PebblePad account enable them to continue using the system after the event.

Topics to be covered and expected outcomes:

  • Understanding PebblePad - develop an appreciation of the capabilities of this ePortfolio system;
  • Creating in PebblePad - using the tools in PebblePad to add items to the ePortfolio store;
  • Publishing with PebblePad - using Blogs and Webfolios to showcase personal activity.

About the presenter(s)
Colin Dalziel is a Director of Pebble Learning, the company responsible for PebblePad. He has been involved in elearning for over 10 years and is particularly interested in the personalisation of learning.

Location: ALT internet cafe, East Midlands Conference Centre.

Book online - or for further information email Colin.


Generative Learning Objects in the making

RLO-CETL has developed a variety of pedagogically effective reusable learning designs, covering a broad range of disciplines. These designs have been developed as Generative Learning Object (GLO) tools that may easily be adapted for local use.

Topics to be covered and expected outcomes:

  • Pedagogic attributes of learning objects and Learning Object Metric Tool (LOAM);
  • Pedagogical Design for Reusability;
  • Examples of Reusable Learning Designs as GLOs;
  • Instantiation of Learning Designs as GLOs on poster-sized storyboards;
  • Translation of these storyboards into executable designs in the GLO authoring tool.

Participants will work on laminated A4 posters and results will be captured digitally and archived to the RLO-CETL website. There will be a free wine reception for participants immediately after the workshop.

About the presenter(s)

Dawn Leeder, University of Cambridge; Tom Boyle and John Cook, London Metropolitan University; Heather Wharrad and Richard Windle, University of Nottingham.

The RLO-CETL team have extensive experience of workshop facilitation both nationally and internationally. Their work on reusable learning designs is at the leading edge of both theory and practice and this knowledge will be shared with participants in this practical, hands-on workshop.

Location: Conference Suite 1 - East Midlands Conference Centre.

Book online, see the workshop programme, or for more information about the workshop, email Dawn Leeder.


National Strategy Workshop on Designing Learning Spaces

The workshop is for practitioners and researchers in education, architecture, design and technology. It will address the issue of how to design new spaces, from rooms to cities, for 21st century learning.

The invited contributors are:

Mick Gernon, Principal of the RSA Academy, Tipton, based on the RSA Opening Minds learning framework;
Rose Luckin, Professor of Learner Centred Design at the London Knowledge Lab;
Martin Mayfield, a Director within the Arup engineering company with expertise in the effect of building design on learning;
Neil Salton, Head of Innovation at the Cordless Group, a portfolio of companies that focus on the impact of new technology on people, business and the built environment;
Dominic Watts, Higher Education Business Manager, Microsoft;
Craig White, founder of White Design, an architectural practice and consultancy specialising in the design of sensitive, low carbon and low environmental impact buildings.

There will opportunities to join discussions around the themes of 'Visions, Issues and Practices'. The workshop, held on the award-winning Jubilee Campus, forms part of the ALT-C conference on learning technology.

Location: Learning Sciences Research Institute, University of Nottingham, Jubilee Campus; 1000-1630 with registration from 0930.

Book online or contact Florence Drouvin on +44 (0) 115 8567930.


Rapid Creation and Deployment of Advanced e-Assessments using QuickTrI

The workshop will introduce delegates to the functionality of the new QuickTrI e-assessment development system that provides a visual graphical interface for the rapid creation of e-assessments delivered by an enhanced version of the powerful TRIADS Professional assessment engine.

Topics to be covered and expected outcomes:

  • Rapid but sophisticated e-question creation;
  • Building and configuring e-assessments;
  • e-Assessment deployment.

About the presenter(s)

Prof Don Mackenzie, e-Assessment Research Manager, i4L, University of Derby;
Matthew Stanwell, e-Assessment Developer, i4L, University of Derby.

Don is the originator of the powerful and highly interactive TRIADS e-assessment system and has been developing e-assessments since 1989 and was formerly head of the Centre for Interactive Assessment Development (CIAD) at the University of Derby. He is currently 'Senior e-Assessment Research Manager' in i4L working on QuickTrI development and bespoke commercial e-commissions together with Matthew Stanwell who was formally Senior e-Assessment Developer in CIAD.

Location: Room A2 - Law and Social Sciences Building.

Book online by emailing Don Mackenzie.


Post conference workshops

JISC's User Innovation & Development Model (UIDM): An overview of the next Stages

UIDM is an approach for the design & development of Web services to support the JISC community; it should encourage greater user engagement and ultimately the development of more useful and usable web services. UIDM is divided into four stages. Stage 1 (User engagement) has already been covered in an earlier workshop. This workshop will provide an overview of the rationale, requirements and guidance for stages 2, 3 and 4.

Topics to be covered and expected outcomes:

Stage 2: Transition & Decision. Addresses the transition from user engagement (stage 1) to technical development (stage 3). The decision is whether the user engagement stage is sufficiently robust to move onto more detailed design and development. Advice and support is given on how to make these decisions.
Stage 3: Technical Development Cycle where solutions are built and tested. The advantages and disadvantages of using different methodologies, tools and techniques are discussed.
Stage 4: User Acceptance. A post release stage that evaluates and assesses the impact of the new web services on actual practice.

About the presenter(s)

Chris Fowler (University of Essex);
John Scott (University of Essex).

Chris Fowler has expertise in user needs analysis, human factors and project management.

John Scott has expertise in the design and development of Web services, learning standards and design methods.

Location:Conference Suite 3 - East Midlands Conference Centre.

Book online by emailing Chris Fowler.


Presenting a pre/post conference workshop

If you are wanting to run a pre/post workshop, ALT will publicise it on the conference timetable and to all delegates. In order to enable ALT to do this, all details must be provided via the completion of the pre/post conference booking form [~42kB DOC], and returned to ALT. The booking deadline for this has passed but we are still accepting proposals for post conference workshops.

On receipt of the form ALT will book a room on your behalf at the East Midlands Conference Centre (EMCC), at cost, based upon your requirements and EMCC's availability. ALT will then be in touch with further information should a suitable room be available. Should you decide to go ahead and book the room, ALT will require a purchase order to confirm the room booking. Upon receipt ALT will then provide details of an Event Coordinator at the EMCC in order for you to coordinate your equipment, catering etc. (ALT will have no involvement in this part of the event planning.)
ALT will invoice your organisation for room hire, EMCC will liaise direct regarding all other costs i.e. catering/equipment that you contract through them.

ALT takes no responsibility in the planning or outcome of externally organised pre and post workshops.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact Hayley Willis, ALT Events Administrator on 01865 484126.





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