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Information about ALT Membership

Membership of ALT is open to individuals and organisations and provides a range of benefits designed to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding and diversifying community. If you would like to find out more about the ALT community and the work we do, see About ALT [218kb PDF].

Ordinary, Associate and Certified Membership for individuals

  • Ordinary Membership entitles the individual to the full range of rights and entitlements which ALT membership for individuals offers. It allows you to vote in elections for trustees and officers at the Annual General Meeting as well as express an interest in membership of ALT Committees. It also includes print subscriptions to our publications including the ALT journal Research in Learning Technology. You will further be entitled to discounts to attend our annual conference ALT-C, workshops and other events.
  • Associate Membership is a new membership catergory introduced in 2010 which is intended to allow a greater number of staff of Organisational and Sponsoring Members to benefit from their organisations' involvement with ALT directly and at no extra cost. Associate Membership also provides the opportunity to get to know ALT and engage with our community of practitioners, researchers and policy makers from across all educational and commercial sectors.
  • Certified Membership of ALT (CMALT) is awarded through the successful completion of the CMALT scheme. Certified Membership offers opportunities for professional and personal development as well as additional entitlements to Ordinary Membership. For more information about how to become a Certfied Member and register for CMALT visit the CMALT website.

For a full summary of the rights and entitlements of all membership categories refer to Membership at-a-glance [125kb PDF].

Organisational and Sponsoring Membership for organisations

  • Organisational and Sponsoring Membership is open to any organisation such as a business, charity, university, college, school or local authority. Currently ALT has about 250 Organisational and Sponsoring Members. Membership for organisations includes the benefits which Ordinary Membership offers as well as a number of additional entitlements which allow all members of staff to benefit from their organisation's membership. To compare the different types of membership ALT offers, refer to Membership at-a-glance [125kb PDF].
  • The annual membership fee for universities, colleges, schools and public sector and charitable organisations is based on the JISC banding system. The fee for companies is based on their annual turnover. For information about the cost of membership for your organisation please refer to the relevant application form below. For organisational and sponsoring members we have a common renewal date of 1st of February, so as to coincide with our financial year. This means that new members will pay a prorata fee to bring them up to the renewal date, whereupon the full annual fee will fall due.


Membership application forms

For individuals
Associate Membership application form
[178 kB PDF]

Ordinary Membership application form [31 kB PDF]

For organisations
Organisational Membership application form
[100 kB PDF]

Sponsoring Membership application form [90 kB PDF]

To join, download, complete, and return the application form to ALT. In case of difficulty call us on +44 (0)1865 484125, or email the ALT office.