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About ALT Membership

ALT membership is open to individuals and organisations alike. As an individual, you can choose between Ordinary Membership, Certified Membership or Associate Membership. In order to become a Certified Member you have to meet the requirements of CMALT. To help you choose which membership is right for you and/or your organisation, visit our membership page.

If your organisation is interested in joining ALT we offer Organisational Membership which provides benefits for all members of staff, including subscriptions to ALT publications, professional development and networking opportunities as well as member discounts to take part in ALT events.
For organisations who would like to show their support for ALT and for our community, we also offer Sponsoring Membership which provides opportunities to work with us and to communicate with the rest of our membership.

In 2010 ALT introduced several changes to the membership structure and entitlements, in response to the feedback we received via our Membership Survey in 2009. If you would like to know more or find out how these changes may benefit you, please refer to our "Membership at-a-glance" [125 kb PDF] summary.

Annual membership fees 2011

ALT membership fees remain unchanged from the 2008/9 level.

Ordinary UK £56   Organisational, depending on size: £296
to £976
Ordinary UK reduced - student, retired, unemployed £27   Sponsoring, normally a minimum of:


Ordinary Overseas £69      
Certified UK (CMALT) £80   Associate Membership
Certified UK reduced - student, retired, umemployed (CMALT) £53   Staff of Organisational / Sponsoring Members free
Certified Overseas (CMALT)


  UK & Overseas £10 

Note that ALT individual membership fees are normally tax deductible

Request your membership pack today

Email ALT to request a membership information pack. Please state your full name and contact details and whether you would like more information for Individual, Organisational or Sponsoring Membership.