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Special Interest Groups

ALT Special Interest Groups (SIGs) bring together individuals or organisations within ALT around a common theme. They are established and discontinued according to our Policy on Special Interest Groups - [37 kB PDF].

The ALT Video in Education SIG (ViE SIG) was established in February 2010. The remit of this SIG is to identify and share up-to-date information and guidance on:

  • Institution wide best practice for the management of digital resources, and the integration with external electronic repositories,
  • Sound pedagogical principles in designing video materials for educational purposes,
  • Guidance on issues concerning copyright and IPR, practical guidance on addressing accessibility and usability criteria with reference to DDA.

The SIG officers are Phil Tubman (Lancaster University), Clive Young (UCL) and John Conway (Imperial College London).
The community will open at the ViE SIG virtual event in June 2010 - details to follow via the ALT newsletter.
There is a wiki which can be found @ http://alt-vie-sig.wikispaces.com/ please feel free to post any useful comments and case studies here.


The ALT Learning Environment Review SIG (LERSIG) was established in November 2009. The remit of this SIG is to identify and share up-to-date information and guidance on:

  • the most effective ways to review the provision of large-scale and institution-wide learning environments with a particular focus on virtual learning environments (VLEs),
  • decision-making and future planning, in relation to the ways that institutional IT and online learning systems can best support student learning,
  • change and implementation of new or revised learning environments (eg VLEs, CAA, e-Portfolios, portals, etc).

The SIG officers are Carol Higgison, Professor Peter Hartley and Maureen Readle - University of Bradford. For further information please contact Carol Higgison. The community opened at the LERSIG launch on 8 December 2009. Event information. Apply to join the LERSIG CrowdVine networking site.

ALT also continues to support the Lab Group, a collaboration between academic and commercial labs which undertake research and development in learning mediated by technology.

If you would like to set up an ALT SIG, or to discuss the possibility of doing so, please read our Policy on Special Interest Groups - [37 kB PDF], and then contact Maren Deepwell, ALT's Membership Services Manager.